I forgot all about this blog! So much has happened since my last post. Seriously, I went from scrapbooking my wedding photos to scrapbooking my baby. That is a huge change!

not sure if I’ll try and reboot this page or not, we’ll see.

Probably will


Scrapbook Sunday

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a Scrapbook Sunday, to be honest it’s been a little while since I scrapbooked.

Still absolutely loving the Project Life app. I just can’t get enough of it.

My hope is that I will have our wedding photos finished by Christmas. I finally started on the actual ceremony photos today, so I’m pretty sure that’s a doable goal.

Also trying to keep up with some daily pages. Mama and I had another craft date, so of course I had to put a page together for that.

Has anyone else tried using the Project Life app? If you have, have you tried adding any extra embellishments after printing? I’ve been toying with that idea.

Later Gators!

One More Year

I’ve been 29 for two whole days, not much has happened in that time but I felt the need to update anyways.

My birthday was amazing! It started out with Birthday Donuts and then continued on to Cincinnati for the Color Run with Mama and Kevin. Kevin did not run, but he was waiting for us at the end and I believe we have almost convinced him to do our next run. I was going to overloading you guys with pictures, but I put them into a video instead.




One of my goals was to work on a fitness schedule. I haven’t quite managed that yet, but I have started one of the monthly challenges with Popilates. This month is the #AdoreTheCore Challenge, so for 28 days I’ll be putting my abs through hell. Just for the fun of it!

You guys can join in too! Follow along with @blogilates or myself, @amber.spitler on Instagram.

That’s all I have for now! Catch you y’all later! 💋

Hello August

It’s My Birthday Month!!!

I love August! It’s the last real month of Summer, school’s are headed back into session which means stationary sales everywhere; and it’s my birthday. What’s not to love? So many things happen in this month, and it just makes me so happy. My birthday, my brother’s birthday and our family reunion. I’m just so excited!

Now, before we jump into what I want to get done this month, let’s go over my goals from July.

  • I went the entire month without weighing myself! I’m actually really proud of myself on that one.
  • I attacked our finances with the use of YNAB (You Need a Budget), and for the first time we ended the month with money going into the next month. This never happens. So I’m recommending that if you struggle with budgeting, that you check out YNAB.

Now for the goals that didn’t make it.

  • Hand Lettering. Just didn’t get around to it, enough said.
  • Photo-a-Day challenge. Meh, just a severe lack of motivation.
  • a Fitness Schedule….that’s a good one. I can say that I made it to the gym once. So that’s something.

August Goals

  • Try some Hand Lettering
  • Set up that Fitness Schedule
  • Start up Popilates again
  • #AdoreTheCore Challenge

That’s all folks! I’ll keep you posted on how things go this month. Hopefully they keep moving in an upwards direction.

Go Insane, Go Insane…

I have no glitter to throw and no money to make it rain…

My spirits are somehow still intact though, so that’s something. My little friends that I mentioned in the last post, I want to talk about them today. Roaches 💀💀💀

It’s been a month since treatment has begun on our apartment, and the fogging we received yesterday was by far the most effective.

I chose my least disturbing photo. 😂 

Heads up kids, those aren’t chocolate chips that I spilt on the floor. 😭

I was refraining from sharing anything about this because it makes me feel like we’re dirty people. The reality of the situation is that we had a disgusting upstairs neighbor and their neglect is now punishing the rest of us. Welcome to apartment life.

So my question to everyone is, have you dealt with unwanted pests before? Did it take months of work? Is there an at home treatment that we could be doing to move the process along? 

Kevin and I are tied to our apartment until December, so any advice is appreciated. Love y’all!!

Life is Good

Things have been insane lately. I have had a crazy couple of weeks at the apartment, let’s just say we’ve been dealing with some extra “friends” and leave it at that.

So obviously I needed a break, and today I got a really good one. I don’t care that I’m 28 years old, sometimes you just need a Mother/Daughter date.

Our morning started off with donuts from Paradise Donuts. Mine came with a gummy worm. 🍩

Then we headed downtown to Washington Park for some string art fun, hosted by Guilded. It was my first time doing string art, I’m probably going to redo mine and change the string color. The goldenrod just doesn’t really pop.

We also played in the fountains and searches for Pokemon, because my mom is cool like that.

How did you spend your weekend? Tell me all about it in the comments. 😀

Long Weekends

Are the best weekends…

Despite an extremely rainy 4th of July, the long weekend was pretty fun. The extra time with the Husband was most definitely appreciated. I feel like I don’t get enough time with him these days.

I’m a little disappointed in myself for not capturing my weekend to share with you guys. I had every intention too, it just didn’t really work out. The bulk of it was spent baking with my niece. She baked her very first pie, while not very pretty, it tasted alright. Kinda like a strawberry poptart. That’s a pie that I can get behind! We also baked sugar cookies, vanilla cake pops, angel food cake cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries and homemade birthday cake ice cream. So many treats!!!

Here’s one of the only pictures taken from the holiday. It’s a small handful of my nieces and nephews. Getting their picture was a bit like pulling teeth at first, but worked out towards the end.

How did you spend your Holiday weekend?