Why I Decided to Quit Being a Beachbody Coach

I know that this post is probably going to upset some people…

I’m real sorry about that. Let’s just get right into this.

On September 27th of 2015, I married my best friend Kevin. In the months leading up to our wedding, I was going through a very difficult time with my mental disorders. I had recently lost my Dad to cancer, and shortly after returning to work fulltime, I had my first breakdown and went on temporary disability. This is when I was diagnosed with Major Depression, and Anxiety. After trying a few different medications, it was determined that I wasn’t fit for my current work environment so I was asked to leave.

Two months before the wedding I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Just in case Depression and Anxiety weren’t enough. The combination of medicines caused me to have a rapid weight gain, I’m sure my consumption of Coca-Cola products wasn’t helping any either. It left me in a panic, and with a wedding dress that couldn’t be zipped past my hips. So despite my feelings towards all of the Beachbody hype, I decided to dive in. I didn’t believe it to be a scam, because the girl I picked as a coach was someone who I knew in passing. Spending that first $140 was a lot easier after seeing someone I knew have results. So I did the 21 Day Fix with Shakeology, and after switching up my diet and following the program I had lost a total of 7 lbs right before the wedding. My dress zipped and I was feeling and looking way better. Everything was falling into place for me.

Fast forward to February 21st, 2016. This is the day that I decided to become a Team Beachbody Coach. I paid for my Challenge Pack and Coaching Fee, and just like that, I was a coach. During my short period as a coach I had five people sign up under my name. They all signed up with a free account, none of them ever purchased a single Beachbody product from me. I was fine with this. I didn’t become a coach because I wanted to make money, and quit my job. I knew those things weren’t going to happen for me, and if they did, that it would take at least a year if not more. I signed up because I wanted to help people, the same way that Jennifer helped me. Two of my clients were my sisters. A single mother of two, and a 26-year-old working three jobs in Vegas. For all the articles that say you’re making excuses, you can afford Shakeology if you cut out certain things. That’s crap. I’ll be the first to admit that for me, it’s true. I cut out my fast food and Cokes, and the money was magically there. But that’s not the case for everyone. That’s one thing that continues to bug me about a lot of Beachbody Coaches.

I ran my first, and only Challenge Group during March. It was 21 days and we followed the Blogilates Pop Pilates Calendar workouts. I wanted this first group to be a way for me to establish a connection with my clients. So instead of going straight to pushing products that they’d have to purchase to be in my group, I picked something free. By the halfway point I only had the attention of three out of the five girls, and by the last week it was just me and my sisters. I still didn’t care, because they were happier and getting results. That last week I received a text from my older sister, letting me know that I was an awesome coach. It made me so happy to hear,  that I decided to share it on our team Facebook page. Our lead coaches were always talking about knowing what your “Why” is. So I posted a screen capture, and stated that was my “Why”. When people asked me why I decided to become a Beachbody Coach, I wanted to be able to show them my sister and her text. I wanted to be able to share with them my happiness. My personal coach was quick to support me on my why. That’s why she’s the best. 👍🏻

I never sold any products. So I never made Success Club. Success Club is this goal, that as a coach you want to make every month. It’s a certain number of points per person that orders different items. Specifically Shakeology or Club Membership.

Thanks for bearing with me you guys, I know this has been long-winded. We’re almost done. Now is when I want to tell everyone that I don’t hate Beachbody. I love the products, I love Shakeology and I will continue to purchase products for myself. I just didn’t love coaching, and here is the reason why.

Everyone kept saying it wasn’t about sales. But it really was in a way. It was those Success Club points, and a post that one of our lead coaches made. It basically stated that for those coaches sitting at 4 SC points at the end of the month was unacceptable. You have to get at least 5 points to make Success Club. They tell us that it’s not about the sales, that it’s about helping others with their fitness goals; but then they turn around and basically tell you that if you’re not making Success Club, then you don’t care about your goals amongst other things. This is a photo that was shared on the team page.


I hate this info-graphic. It’s time to end this post.

I changed two lives, and I did it without selling a single product. I still want to change lives, I still want to achieve my goals and I’m going to build my future business on my terms. Afterall, what’s the fun of being your own boss, if someone else is going to tell you what to do.



2 thoughts on “Why I Decided to Quit Being a Beachbody Coach

  1. God Choreographed This Dance says:

    omgosh- I have felt this way with Beachbody! I signed up as a coach last year and I was sooooo turned off by the spamminess of the team that I was on. There were most definitely very successful people on my team but I couldn’t follow what they wanted me to do, so I quit.

    Like you, I still loved the Beachbody products. Then by complete accident I was introduced to another team. This team had fitness and health professionals on the team. Most of them are not hitting success club every month. But, they still are coaches because they love the product and feel that it can honestly help others. This team is NOT spammy at all. So, this past June, I signed up again. I am loving it so far! The best part about this team is that they know that there is life beyond Beachbody and the the leaders teach us other health related things. It’s been great.


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