Chapter 1: The Bedroom

Just ask my oh so sweet husband, yesterday’s purge was a painful process.

When it was finally done though!!! Wow!

For starters, I had no idea as to just how much stuff I’ve accumulated over the years. The ridiculous part is that I probably go through this need to downsize at least once or twice a year. My problem, and it is a problem, is that I keep replacing the stuff. Not this time!! This time it’s literally not an option, and I think that’s great. I’m looking around the bedroom and trying to decide if I’ve really rid myself of everything that I could have. It looks a lot better, and is definitely more peaceful. I can sit at my desk and type up this post without distraction. Normally, I’m posting from my cell phone, on the couch while watching cartoons.

According to Gail’s book, my fifty things can not be individual items. Meaning, if I decide to give away three of my old stuffed animals, that doesn’t count as three items; that’s only one. Thus making you purge more than what you were planning on. On that note, here’s my current tally…

  • Lots of Craft Supplies
  • 3 Stuffed Animals
  • 1 Shirt
  • 5 Books
  • Countless Stationary
  • 2 Bags

So my GRAND TOTAL is: 6/50

Later today, I’ll be tackling the bathroom and hall closet. For now though, I think I’ll wrap up here and head out for a run. By run, I mean walk with a slight chance of jogging. Whatever, it’s better than sitting on the couch.


I’m Still Here

I feel like I’ve been missing for a while now. Things have just been so super crazy lately.

Since the car accident I’ve done my best to prioritize pretty much everything going on in my life. Which has proven to be kinda difficult. It ends up, I’ve got a lot of stuff going on and have managed to misplace and confuse everything. I’ve really dropped the ball on all things, and to think I used to be so organized.

On that note…

This month, or at least this week is going to be focused on getting organized. I found this book called Throw Out Fifty Things. It’s by  Gail Blanke and. I’m hoping it works some wonders. Well, I’ll be working the wonders; but I hope it helps. 😉

So here we go! Stay tuned, as I update on the fifty things or more that will be leaving my life for the better!

Count Your Blessings

Someone was watching over me in a big way over the weekend.

I was driving my Mom’s van back to my apartment on Saturday, and was in a pretty bad accident. I was sitting at a red light, waiting to turn right with one car in front of me. 

I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly what happened. One minute I was sitting there, and then the next minute there was a horrifying crashing/crunching sound and I was pushed forward into the car in front of me. 

When I looked behind me, there wasn’t anyone there. I thought it had been a hit and run, or worse, that I was going to find a motorcycle under the car. That’s when I was told to call 911 and saw that the car had flipped into the building to the right of us. It took out a tree before landing upside down.

That’s a screen capture of the car that hit me. I’ve been praying for the two men inside. There hasn’t been an update on their condition yet. The driver was able to get out at the scene, but the passenger was unconscious. 

I am very lucky, that all I have is some bruising and whiplash. Here is the damage to mom’s van. It was completely destroyed.

I think it’ll be a while till I’m comfortable behind the wheel again. I’m counting my blessings tonight.

    You’re Killing Me Smalls

    “How can I have some s’more if I haven’t had any yet?”

    It’s been a little while since I posted last, and I was hoping that I wouldn’t be sharing back to back recipes, but oh well.

    I got super excited when I saw that Sandlot was on Netflix. I already own the DVD, but sometimes it’s nice to just be able to chill in bed and watch the movie. You know, without all the stupid previews and potential for skipping because I watch it so damn much.

    Which is why I had to make some S’mores Pie!

    I’ve never made pie, and this is definitely not actually pie. More like a gooey, delicious mess. But does it really matter, it’s s’mores. Big thank you to Club Chica Circle for the awesome recipe.

    So here’s the super easy recipe.