Count Your Blessings

Someone was watching over me in a big way over the weekend.

I was driving my Mom’s van back to my apartment on Saturday, and was in a pretty bad accident. I was sitting at a red light, waiting to turn right with one car in front of me. 

I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly what happened. One minute I was sitting there, and then the next minute there was a horrifying crashing/crunching sound and I was pushed forward into the car in front of me. 

When I looked behind me, there wasn’t anyone there. I thought it had been a hit and run, or worse, that I was going to find a motorcycle under the car. That’s when I was told to call 911 and saw that the car had flipped into the building to the right of us. It took out a tree before landing upside down.

That’s a screen capture of the car that hit me. I’ve been praying for the two men inside. There hasn’t been an update on their condition yet. The driver was able to get out at the scene, but the passenger was unconscious. 

I am very lucky, that all I have is some bruising and whiplash. Here is the damage to mom’s van. It was completely destroyed.

I think it’ll be a while till I’m comfortable behind the wheel again. I’m counting my blessings tonight.


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