Scrapbook Sunday

I remember when scrap booking parties were huge. I was really into it, couldn’t get enough of the stickers and pretty papers. Entire camping trips and rainy weekends were spent documenting my memories. But then life happened and all of my pictures and supplies wound up in boxes.

Enter Project Life. Wow, the minute I discovered this form of scrap booking I was hooked. I bought the albums and the starter kits with the pre designed journal cards! Oh it was great!! Except that I never used any of it because life was still happening.

And then there was The Project Life App. This is my new favorite thing. I take almost all of my pictures using my phone, so this is the best possible answer to my lack of time dilemma.

So here are a couple of layouts I’ve put together from our honeymoon. It was so super easy, and you can order high quality prints right from the app, as well as the scrapbook sleeves and albums to store them in.

So if you’ve ever wanted to get into scrap booking but you just haven’t been able to find the time; try the Project Life App.


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