Hello August

It’s My Birthday Month!!!

I love August! It’s the last real month of Summer, school’s are headed back into session which means stationary sales everywhere; and it’s my birthday. What’s not to love? So many things happen in this month, and it just makes me so happy. My birthday, my brother’s birthday and our family reunion. I’m just so excited!

Now, before we jump into what I want to get done this month, let’s go over my goals from July.

  • I went the entire month without weighing myself! I’m actually really proud of myself on that one.
  • I attacked our finances with the use of YNAB (You Need a Budget), and for the first time we ended the month with money going into the next month. This never happens. So I’m recommending that if you struggle with budgeting, that you check out YNAB.

Now for the goals that didn’t make it.

  • Hand Lettering. Just didn’t get around to it, enough said.
  • Photo-a-Day challenge. Meh, just a severe lack of motivation.
  • a Fitness Schedule….that’s a good one. I can say that I made it to the gym once. So that’s something.

August Goals

  • Try some Hand Lettering
  • Set up that Fitness Schedule
  • Start up Popilates again
  • #AdoreTheCore Challenge

That’s all folks! I’ll keep you posted on how things go this month. Hopefully they keep moving in an upwards direction.


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