Go Insane, Go Insane…

I have no glitter to throw and no money to make it rain…

My spirits are somehow still intact though, so that’s something. My little friends that I mentioned in the last post, I want to talk about them today. Roaches 💀💀💀

It’s been a month since treatment has begun on our apartment, and the fogging we received yesterday was by far the most effective.

I chose my least disturbing photo. 😂 

Heads up kids, those aren’t chocolate chips that I spilt on the floor. 😭

I was refraining from sharing anything about this because it makes me feel like we’re dirty people. The reality of the situation is that we had a disgusting upstairs neighbor and their neglect is now punishing the rest of us. Welcome to apartment life.

So my question to everyone is, have you dealt with unwanted pests before? Did it take months of work? Is there an at home treatment that we could be doing to move the process along? 

Kevin and I are tied to our apartment until December, so any advice is appreciated. Love y’all!!